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Is there a jury trial for any shoplifting offence in New Jersey?

Under the New Jersey legal guidelines, shoplifting is a certain fraud which can hold the extra charge of both shoplifting and robbing.The law further makes clear, that anyone identified willfully covering products of any outlet, either in or outside the shop, would be presumed to do so with the intention of depriving that merchant of the possession. Exchanging product labels and value tags in order to trick the store employee purposefully, as well indicates a theft.

Fees and penalties for shoplifting, depend completely on the price of products planned to be picked up, that varies from a disorderly persons offence of $200 to a second degree crime of $75,000 and even more. Whilst first, second and third time culprits should do different levels of community service, somebody charged with another shoplifting offense must serve a time period of a minimum of three months in prison. If the price of merchandise go over $75,000 then it is regarded as felony, drawing a ten year imprisonment term.

Also the most minimal of crimes resulting from shoplifting can provide a criminal history.In both cases you are required to defend your charge of theft working with a legal professional. A New Jersey defense specialist, who has appeared in court defending similar cases 1000’s of times in the last twenty years, is going to be your greatest asset. Attorney Matthew Reisig will happily give you free defense consultation to make you aware about the rights and alternatives you are entitled to. It will cost you nothing, but just a few momemts of your valuable time.

Theft in New Jersey will surely have significant effects on the possible future of your loved ones and also your life. Keep in mind that there are loopholes available in the safety to have these accusations reduced or maybe laid off completely. Good evaluation, is thus essential in these sensitive matters, most importantly since you have practically nothing to lose by simply contacting.