Best Buy Promo Code – Beneficial Facts Involved In Selecting Best Buy Cards Online Store.

There are lots of several methods to redeem your bank card points. Obviously my first choice is almost always to redeem them for travel by transferring into a hotel or airline partner where I can maximize their value, but that’s far from the only way to redeem points earned by rewards charge cards. Actually, my “non-miles-and-points-friends” often get very excited when they redeem points for merchandise for instance a new camera, iPad, as well as, yes, a blender.

In theory there is absolutely no “wrong” strategy to redeem your points providing you are content with how you will used them, but you can find redemptions that return more value per point than the others. As I can’t imagine a predicament where I might redeem my points for the blender, We have redeemed my points for things other than travel either when money really was tight, or when another redemption option was especially lucrative or unique.

In other words, I don’t blame anyone for considering a non-travel redemption, but make certain and carry out the math to actually aren’t burning your points at a value that may be below ideal.

Yesterday I saw a promo in which you earn a Best Buy e-gift card if you redeem your American Express Membership Reward points from cards for merchandise, thus i took a find out which kind of value that option presented.

Let’s say you wish to redeem points for the 11 inch MacBook Air laptop. Amex has that product listed as costing $844 including tax from Best Buy, which equals 168,868 Membership Rewards points. This means that redeeming points in that manner gets you 1/2 a cent in value per point. Even factoring within the $120 Best Buy e-gift card you can earn for redeeming points for something that costs more than $750, that return per point remains well under 1 cent per point. Given that I really like to get at the very least 1.5 – 2 cents in value per Membership Reward point, this is not a redemption I would personally personally consider.

If you want to make use of best buy gift card for something besides travel it is possible to redeem them for 1 cent per reason for value for a number of retailer gift certificates like Home Depot, Cole Haan, Pottery Barn, Hyatt, J.Crew, and REI. That is certainly still not too good in my mind, but it’s not quite as bad as redeeming for merchandise coming from a value per point perspective, even with the ideal Buy e-gift card factored in.

If you find yourself repeatedly over time looking to redeem for non-travel redemptions, or redemptions that are around 1 cent in value or less you would then almost surely do better focusing on a cash back card like the Discover it or even the Citi Double Cash Card, or simply one including the Blue Cash Preferred Card that earns up to 6% back in select categories rather than a card that earns points that happen to be only worth everything you redeem them for.