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We have been astounded by the efforts to create electric bicycles I’ve seen and have written about the subject previously. I attempt to build one myself at some time, possibly even a bicycle for a couple of so my wife can take advantage of it too. After I saw Nick Thatcher’s article about his one electric assist bike, I have got to admit I purchased very excited. I’ll grant that it’s not the electrical car we were all promised the future will bring, but it’s pretty darned cool nonetheless.

As intriguing since they are to look at, they’re not too practical since they depend upon the rider to control the balancing. In the modern world of digital electronics and phones that can twist the screen if you rotate them, you will find better safer alternatives.

The key to such things (and also the secret for you to make quadcopters simple to fly and in all probability a great deal of other interesting applications) are electronic gyros which can be relatively cheap. They may sense motion and tell an Arduino or any other computer to rebalance to prevent undesirable motion (aka tipping over).

Jackal is more refined and utilizes a proper motorcycle wheel. It’s capable of higher performance too-15 to 20 MPH for approximately two hours. If you watch the recording closely you’ll see there’s 33dexfpky one wheel scooter that appears briefly and looks similar to a Vespa-inspired design.

Thatcher has a web site for his Thatch Industries, which, as he says, makes, “Curious Contraptions.” For all those desiring to explore their own personal one wheeled curious contraptions, he recommends the electric skateboards and also “etotheipiplusone.net” for information and inspiration.

As cool as these contraptions are, I reckon I will stick to my dream about an electrical bicycle to get going with, but those sites do appear like they contain lots of useful information on electric drives for vehicles.