Sattology सत्तोलॉजी – Incredible Value..

Histories pointed out in Mahabharat and Ramayan which are also attached to Vedas have also been corroborated through scientific and historical study. Thus, they are not considered mythology also, rather I call them as ‘Sattology’

Bharat is a land where many faiths have began or inspired by Vedic teachings. Vedic indicates based upon Vedas and Vedas mean information. All the parts of Vedic knowledge is taken as an axiomatic truth and can be subjected to technological examination and technological research. Them all have come to become scientifically validated. Historically it is actually regarded as that Vedas have been spoken by Vishnu or Hari and compiled by different sages and thinkers below His assistance. Records mentioned in Mahabharat and Ramayan which can be also linked to Vedas are also corroborated via technological and historical research. Therefore, they are certainly not regarded as mythology also, rather I call them as Sattology सत्तोलॉजी.

“Many smart folks are steadily understanding that Vedas, Mahabharat and Ramayan are ‘Sat’ or ‘ Reality ’ while abrahamic faiths are derived from ‘Myth’ or ‘Untruth’

You can find adequate evidence of historical places where the occurrences mentioned in Ramayan and Mahabharat have happened. One such great instance is Ram Setu engineered by Nal (designer of Ram’s army). The locations pointed out in Ramayan and Mahabharat are real and people remain living there. An additional example from Vedic Scriptures is ‘ Kashyap Mira ’ i.e the Garden of Kashyap Rishi which is known as Kashmir to put it briefly. Anybody born inside the land of Bharat gives these historical treasures and in addition its approach and teachings. In reality, Kashmir is also mentioned in Mahabharat during Arjun’s travel to North. Kerala can also be pointed out in Mahabharat in the episode of Sahdev’s journey to the south. Other Bharatiya customs teachings including Expert Nanakdev’s, Jain Tirthankars’, Buddhist teachings also carefully discuss Vedic Dharmic conclusions. All of the above dharmic customs share comparable values. The attack on one is surely an strike on them all. The openness and broadness of Bharatiya (Indian native) civilizations are usually a relief for those smart human creatures.

There is a concerted marketing campaign on social media and mainstream mass media of India that demeans Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist cultures by so-known as seculars and foreign entering faiths.

Their campaign towards Bharatiya Dharmic customs has primarily 3 wide information to damage their resolve to combat.

Produce Disbelief: Your deities like Ram and Krishna are the myth. You might be idolators.

Frighten: We subjugated you for 1000 many years

Weaken Solve to Retaliate: Hindus or Dharmic people (a general good name for Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, Parsis) are weak

Let us traditionally evaluate and answer each of them one by one.

Initially, Ramayan was written by Valmiki with blessings from Brahma. Luv and Kush sang Ramayan before Ram, who had been surprised at the accuracy of those information. The biography of Ram by Valmiki was verified by Ram openly. All places of incidents of Ramayan are current till date beneath the exact same brands as mentioned in Ramayan, moreover, the geographical coordinates have also been verified. Historical accuracy has become validated scrutinizingly by ASI as well as independent research body. The theory that Ramayan is a myth has become debunked conclusively via impartial research.

Similarly, Mahabharat is published by Ganesh, Talked by Vyasa with all the blessings of Brahma. All cities mentioned in Mahabharat remain current as verified via Geographical coordinates. Mahabharat is very huge that it virtually addresses the earth planet which abrahamic / Yavana faiths are hesitant to confess. The accuracy of Mahabharat gives all other histories virtually worthless. So much in fact that Vyasadev proclaims that any background that does not have its origins in Mahabharat is phony. And so the organized religions, to safeguard their contribution income, contact Mahabharat being a myth.

All of the characters of Old Testament, New Testament and Quran are shared across their three pieces of literature and historic/technological analysis for anyone places of interests has never ever been completed in exactly the same tough manner in emiktc they have accomplished for Mahabharat and Ramayan. Once a critical evaluation is carried out for all those places, then your world will see out those literature have zero historic accuracy. The majority of those faiths are operating on forced beliefs. You are required to believe in something that may or may not really exist. Srila Prabhupada, the founder of Iskcon, debunked these literature as unfinished and transient. Numerous intelligent people are gradually understanding that Vedas, Mahabharat and Ramayan are ‘Sat’ or ‘ Truth ’ whilst abrahamic faiths are based on ‘Myth’ or ‘Untruth’. Therefore we can determine that the first propaganda falls flat in the ground on technological/historical schedule. Believe! Let us move to the second.

“There’s a whole lot that should be undone but I am certain the land of Ram and Krishna will rise once again for the advantage of all inhabitants from the world.