Shincheonji – Want More Information..

The tax authorities’ blade is fierce for the Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (hereinafter called Sincheonji.) It was confirmed on the 1st the National Income tax Services launched an intensive tax investigation into 12 branches of Sincheonji distributed nationwide in late Apr, and recently launched a tax analysis into the California Zion Church.

Ca Zion Church is not only the largest Church in the United States, but is also well-known for the missionary work, mainly on college campuses. Based on the assessment company, the Seoul Local Tax Office, which can be conducting a income tax investigation to the chairman Lee Guy-hee and the Shincheonji Church in Korea, launched an in-level income tax investigation to the California Zion Church in the middle of last month.

The income tax investigation of California Zion Church is going to be completed until the middle of this month. Some are paying eager focus on the reason why the Nationwide Tax Services has released a income tax analysis into Sincheonji churches found overseas, in addition to the 12 Sincheonji branches distributed in Korea.

“We understand that it has been weeks considering that the National Income tax Service released a tax investigation into the chairman Lee Man-hee as well as the Shincheonji Church,” a law practice official stated on condition of anonymity. “It is extremely likely that this government started an analysis after discovering uncertain funds from church buildings found overseas.”

The state additional, “With regards to spiritual companies, it is hard to demonstrate even when they remitted cash overseas inside the title of missionary or missionary routines in Korea, but the potential of overseas tax evasion can not be ruled out if an individual buys property or trusts it illegally with all the money.”

At the same time, at the end of Apr, the Nationwide Tax Services sent about 200 agents from your Seoul Regional Tax Office’s 4th Bureau of Investigation to Shincheonji church buildings in Seoul, Gyeonggi Region and throughout the country without previous notice and transferred appropriate data for that income tax investigation.

Chairman Man-hee Lee (89) of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, who had been arrested on charges of interfering with the government’s anti–coronavirus activities, apologized for the general public once more in attendance on the wbgwwa personal trial preparation day.

In the initially trial planning date for this case kept in the third in the listening to of Suwon Area Law Illegal Department 11 (Judge Kim Mi-kyung), Chairman Lee said, “I apologize for causing health issues to individuals.” Provided that this allows, I am going to be loyal to the test.”