HIV Testing – Want More Info..

Nowadays, AIDS has stopped being scary. Because knowledge and understanding has been disseminated And prevention of HIV infection in a variety of media popularly Giving people more knowledge and understanding about HIV infection and AIDS And most recent in the midst of the year A question that many people are wondering Do pharmacies have a AIDS test kit? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now announced the release which allows individuals to buy HIV screening kits themselves at pharmacies. Is an alternative for those who want to check Not convenient to go to the hospital was easier to find ชุดตรวจ HIV ร้านขายยา.

From the FDA announced the unlock Pharmacies have AIDS test kits available to the general public. Therefore, it really is fantastic news to create the confirmation and detection of the infection to people in jeopardy more quickly. When detecting the infection quickly Can treat and quickly receive anti-drug Reduce the chance of spreading Usage of treatment Previously, people had to go to check in hospitals only Then can be bought in a drugstore But when found disease, should confirm repeatedly in the hospital to ensure clear results

The Secretary-General from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said the essence in the amendment from the Ministry of Public Health. Meaning important definitions linked to quality standards and requirements Which should be manufactured with a manufacturer that has been certified for production quality systems in accordance with national or international standards such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ISO 13485

Including labeling to consumers on important issues like indications, ways of use, storage methods, warnings, cautions, understanding of the detection phase in the infection, not the sort of the exam Assess the potential risk of HIV infection yourself Channels for providing support information for manufacturers Or importers in the use of such kits via QR Code or websites that provide information and data. Demonstrate how to check the breakdown of the connection for the service system. Telephone numbers for further direct consultation

Additionally, the development license holder Or importing, providing documents about information that this inspectors should know before the examination and then know the results When you are inside the container To make the consultation process clear As well as connecting for the system for diagnosis, confirmation, treatment and prevention services It may be completed in a clear dveaos or process, which should be verified from the FDA in accordance with the criteria announced.

Though it is beginning to get distributed widely. But most of the time, when looking at pharmacies and commercially available markets, it had been found which is a non-quality product and is just a smuggling item that has not been correctly certified from the FDA. Therefore, would like to warn consumers that Before investing in a HIV test kit by yourself, ensure that you ask the pharmacy or dealer first that Products of that brand Accurate and FDA certified. For peace of mind and confidence in HIV testing.