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Singapore’s favorite “oppressed” child, Kirsten Han released a reaction to numerous accusations going around about her and her close friends. In it she offers themselves as being a sufferer of condition-bullying and that her and her companions’ words were taken out of wording and manipulated to create them as opponents of the state government and modern society.

Is she sincere? What are her motives? Well, I was thinking it would be good to perform just a little X-ray over her claims and discover what the truth is.

Kirsten Han is actually a Singaporean freelance journalist and writer. Her bylines have showed up in Al Jazeera English, the Guardian, the Diplomat and Southeast Asia Globe, and others. She’s even the Singapore stringer for Deutsche Presse Agentur.

She received her start as being a production assistant on documentary jobs, focusing on stories that highlighted important issues like domestic abuse and labour exploitation. This encounter motivated her to venture further into journalism, and she finished a Degree in Journalism, Media and Communication at Cardiff College in 2013.

Since then, she’s had a desire for addressing interpersonal proper rights and human being rights problems, wherever they might be within the world. She also takes on other jobs where she posseses an attention, including Theater Memories: half a century of Singapore Theatre, an immersive convention that has the mouth histories of 50 substantial theatre professionals in Singapore, and Women’s Action, a website spearheaded by the Connection of Women for Motion and Study (AWARE) recording the history in the women’s motion in Singapore.

If not working, she volunteers with anti–loss of life fees marketing campaign We Feel in 2nd Chances.

“Plenty of Singaporeans feel that it [civil society in Singapore] is extremely weak. A lot of people say such things as, take a look at the number of countless people they are able to hop on the roads in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur – they are able to have Bersih, they could hold the Umbrella Motion. We cannot even get 100 individuals Hong Lim Recreation area without police coming.

Individuals feel very stressed out. We are not able to manage to do things that civil societies can do in other countries.” Amidst the dilemma of the cancellation in the Dissent and Level of resistance programme which was supposed to be kept at Yale-Nus and led by famous playwright Alfian Sa’at, it seems like the certain factions online decided to produce an strike on journalist Kirsten Han.

Ms Han was slated to show up as being a guest facilitator for one of many activities in the system known as ‘Democracy Classroom’ which might be a discussion on a specific subject which had but to get decided on.

Once the occasion was cancelled, a discussion was started concerning the mother nature from the programme and what it hoped to accomplish. The Facebook web page Singapore Matters even released a video saying that the programme should not be held as it was ohktng “aimed at advocating civil disobedience, i.e breaking up legal requirements to advocate a political cause” which it “glorifies the illegal protests, even violent ones” like in Hong Kong.

Being released in protection from the programme, Ms Han had taken to Facebook or twitter to concern the point of delivering such a ohktng video clip loaded with “claims concerning the system and collection-up of routines which can be untrue” considering the fact that the celebration had been cancelled.

Following that, another Facebook page known as FActually Singapore responded to Ms Han’s comments by alleging that she “does not hide her need for Singapore to be like Hong Kong”. The page also shared a clip from the speech she provided in 2016 to claim that she needs Singaporeans to protest in the street.